The benefits of having no hair

If you read my travel blog, you already know that I shaved my head. And there are a lot more benefits to it and I’m thinking of being permenately bald because of them.

  • Showers are uber fast now. This is uber good because random hairs on the walls of the community shower creep me out. And I don’t need to wait for my hair to dry.
  • I don’t have to worry about frizzy hair in damp England.
  • The other day I walked into the shop to buy mousse, I got to the hair care aisle and was like, “Wait a minute!” and I bought some more canned peaches instead (the peaches canned in grape juice are the best!)
  • No bad hair days for awhile
  • I have always been a fan of hats, but sadly have had few opportunities to wear them often…not anymore!
  • My search for an awesome hat lead me to a Scouser who said he loved my accent.
  • Everyone thinks I’m waaaaay cooler and way more of a rebel than I actually am.
  • How else was I supposed to find out that my head was not horribly misshapen from all those years of rugby?
  • You can totally go incognito for a few hours-days since people are used to identifying me by my hair.

It rocks.


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