A Pair of Very Badly Dressed Mormon missionaries

So in the world of the Midwest and Bible Belt saying that so-and-so goes to a Christian college is a way of assuring the other person that the individual you are speaking about is respectable and a good person. In English speak though it apparently means, “Oy, these kids want to come over and convert you, will that be alright?”

So when my partner and I walked up to the house of an older couple that we were to interview for our British culture class the gentleman met us at his gate and said, “Before you come in I must ask, what religion are you?” After a few awkward words explaining the CRC/trying to say that conversion was not our intention (actually, I let my partner handle this, as a non-believer trying to convert them might have blown their minds) we were let in, where we had to deal with the lady of the house.

She assured us that we were not going to convert her from Catholicism, nor her husband from the Methodist Church. For the first ten minutes they still believed that we were not Mormons nor Jehovah’s Witnesses, but still wanted to convert them to something called the Reformed Church. After their fears were abated they were quite brilliant and told us all that we wanted to know about their lives and opinions. It was fantastic.

It was hilarious/ pretty embarrassing at the same time.

Plus, I think I’d make I shitty Mormon… I like archaeology too much.


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