How the heck did we get here?

Ok, so I have this question asked of me alot, “What made you go to Calvin?” This has been phrased cutely by the Grandfather of the boy-who-makes-me-food (“what’s a cute little Irish girl like you doing at Calvin?”) and stupidly by my reatardedly lab partner (Then why do you even go here?!” in response to my stating that I do not like the cold b/c of my Ray Nauds, which I didn’t find out about until sophomore year).

And, in short, I have no damn clue.

The E2 RA and I discussed this last year and neither of us have a clue at all. We are like those rednecks who have been abducted by aliens, there is some serious periods of missing time in my senior year of high school and her freshman year at another university. One moment we were happy go lucky kids at secular institutions  who, upon suddenly seeing a bright light, find ourselves with many of our earthly possessions on the road hundreds of miles from where we remember being last.

But I have a theory, which like all other answers to questions of fate at Calvin College, involves predestination.

God put man in the garden, in part, to delight in his creation. But while man has been running around naming stuff and having fun with things like chemistry ever since, one creature has been in perpetuall confusion and has been running around with an expression that says “WTF?” Those creatures are llamas.

God created Calvin College and it was good and filled with smiling dutch people with their “covenant children”, DTRs, MRS degree-seekers, two halls named after the DeVoses and indie scum (among a myriad of other equally bizarre things). And the dutch delighted in Calvin and were very happy. But God saw that there was no one to exclaim, “Holy $%*&! What is this madness?” So God created some llamas to be confused perpetually (well, at least for four years).

Behold, Kaydonthedinosaur’s vocation and calling!




2 responses to “How the heck did we get here?

  1. I always wondered…now I know! Nice llama there! Is it a drama llama?

  2. kaydonthedinosaur

    Naw, at least I am not a drama llama. The RA is my rainshadow, lol.

    Although I did just use the phrase “drama llama” to describe Sulla on my history test today.

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