A story to help you sleep

Gather round, y’all, as I tell you a story about an incident that once happened at a CRC school to some non-dutch kids. It is a tale of desperation, woe and bizarreness. I kinda wish I had never learned it myself, but it might amuse or be somehow moralizing, so I tell it.

I was living in the dorms and there was a girl down the hall (oooooo, now y’all know my gender dontcha?) who was still going out with her boyfriend from home (which, you might remember from Passport, is discouraged). But they broke up and everything started spiralling downhill.  I mean, her bf was the only reason she picked her major in the first place, as he was also intending to do some form of engineering and they were both good at math. And then there she was, a girl who was ambivalent towards her major, pretty and single. Not a good place to be if you are a good conservative girl in a Christian college.

To make things worse, her roommate whom she always narced on (another story entirely) got engaged over Christmas break.

So what’s a single Calvin girl to do then? Transfer of course. She made her plans, she was going to transfer to Taylor, which was closer to her home and still a large enough Christian college to ensure a decent dating pool. She was even going to change her major to ministerial drama to  give her more time to date.

But then she met a boy. A nice boy in her classes. Not only could she then have a boyfriend, she also had a lab partner for life!

So she stayed at Calvin.

They recently broke up. No word yet on whether she’ll transfer for her last semester.

The end.


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  1. best post ever.

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