The Best Damn Cultural Discerner Discerns Culture: Wrathgar the Warlord

I am the best damn cultural discerner Calvin has ever seen. I can make Uncyclopedia look like the Bible, Rob Zombie like John the Baptist, obscenities into blessings, “The God Delusion” into a redemption song and Flannery O’Connor look like…well, shoot I guess she already wrote from a Christian perspective… I’m such a great discerner that I’m not quite welcome in the meetings anymore, I make them look bad (and nobody likes the token hardcore kid to be pointing out how bad indie music really is).

This week I finally got around to listening to a fantastic college radio show out of Albion College, Wrathgar The Warlord’s Coffee Hour. Now a disclaimer, Wrathgar is a good friend but I’m pretty sure I’d pan him if it were bad (Dinosaurs trump warlords any day of the week).

Entertaining guests, good vocal work and fantastic music selections with real-time listener feedback wanted and requested. Work of warning: listening to it on laptop speakers is less than optional (especially if the convos with the guests get heated).

And did I mention that this week’s show was all about Creation, Fall and Redemption? Christ would have loved it.

Check it out at every Monday at 10 pm.


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