Things overheard on the Common’s Lawn

Were you aware that Biology is the least Biblical degree, according to a random person on Commons this afternoon?

…Just food for thought for you science nerds.

None of these things are Biblical

None of these things are Biblical


5 responses to “Things overheard on the Common’s Lawn

  1. Don’t listen to random people

  2. kaydonthedinosaur

    Well, I quite disagree with her (as does the whole paradigm by which Calvin justifies itself as being a liberal arts college). But you gotta admit, ignorant people saying ignorant things is just amusing, especially when your brain had been fried that day by a Latin test.

  3. I find that statement wholly ironic because it seems as though the Bio-major is populated entirely by good Christian (CRC) girls who was simply out for their MRS. degree

  4. kaydonthedinosaur

    But are MRS degree majors Biblical then? I mean, if we were to be strictly Biblical we would all be sheep herders still and I would have hit on Mike by asking if I could water his camels

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