Oh, the stati you will read…

All the stress, tension and name-calling is now at an end. If you don’t believe how much stress is being released right now then you obviously do not have a Facebook account or have not checked your friend’s stati in awhile. EVERYONE IS FREAKING OUT!

A few of my favorite amusing and “WTF?” generating stati from friends (names withheld)…

“_____ is definately moving now”

“____ can finally breathe”

“______ knows why all the conservatives are moving to liberal Canada, they want to drink their sorrows away”


“_____Rock out with your Barack out”

“______ is very sad for unborn/would be Americans” [i can’t decide whether this is about the election or Mi.’s proposal 2 (go science!)]

“______Obama-rama and marijuana”

“_____can’t believe all you dumbass Democrats! Just wait big big big mistake!…Fuck! Obambas the anti-christ!”

“_____ is scared for the next four years…maybe I’ll leave the country?”

“_____ is, you betcha”

Now, if I truly wanted to live up to my reputation of pwning Christians with their own Bible, (since most of these quotes are from my fellow Calvin students), I could compose a little sermonette about not having “a spirit of fear” and the two cities…but I’m really just too amused right now. Anyone else witness some worthy freak outs?


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