Election Day at Calvin, part 1

Thankfully, the annoying campaign ads end tomorrow. I have just returned from my first class of the day (a lab where we mostly do fun things like play with termites and grow fern spores) and saw and heard a few interesting things having to do with election day:

1) Within the first few minutes of class I overheard a conspiracy theory that ends with the speaker of the house being sworn in by election day (something about a slew of assasinations, an old man croakinga and Palin being offed by people angry at her stupidity

2) A discussion of what stores are giving away free things (including vibrators at a few adult stores). This was followed by myself and a friend mourning that we voted absentee and cannot get free donuts.

3) A “Jesus for President” campaign button. I don’t really think that Jesus would want to be president, personally, it would make all that “render unto Caesar…” stuff needlessly complicated.


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