How to Teach Science at a Christian College/University (part two)

A very important part of teaching science at a Christian college or university is to try to prove to your students that, despite what they may have been previously taught, science is the Christian thing to do. In fact, you should take this further and assert that only Christians have done science.

This is a tricky thing to do but easier if you realize that homeschooling and the poor state of affairs in both private and public high school education has already done half your work for you. You see, most students,  if they do know anything at all of history before the industrial revolution, have gotten into the habit of seeing the past through a mirror darkly, to use a common metaphor. The past to them is savage, dominated by periods of draconian laws interspersed with periods of decadent sinfullness which always had the constant glow of superstitious barbarism.

So it isn’t hard to convince students that “science” began in the 1700s and that before that time that people literally believed that each night the sun fought an epic battle with the night and that each river had it’s own god. And since we are using the definition of “science” which exclusively means “Science of the West” and that in the 1700s most of the West was Christian (even if just in name only)…viola! Christianity invented science!

This is also an opportunity to interject the Bible into classes again, to continue to ease those students who have been taught to view science as suspect into a lull.

Never, ever mention Galileo or those who were persecuted by the Inquisition or the fact that the church frowned upon Michelangelo inspected dead bodies. In fact, there should be no need to, as science began in the 1700s (and the Catholics aren’t really “Christian” anyways and thus are prone to act in batshit insane ways and that the church has been the only thing ever persecuted in the history of the world).

And there has never been any dissent to Darwin’s theory by the church. Ever. Only wackjob fundamentalists during the modern era have a problem with it. Totally ignore the fact that the very institution in which you teach had a major flare-up between itself and its demoninational body that it belongs to in the 1990s over this very issue.

And should you have a student who actually knows that, yes what we now call the scientific method was devoloped in the 1800s but that nothing develops in a vacuum, that as early as we have records men have sought to create a record of the natural world devoid of pat spititual explanation, that your preferred religion burned down the library at Alexandria and other books which didn’t jive with their thought, that it is no surprise that western science developed during the Enlightenment with the advent of freethinking and that only recently has most of the church come to peace with germ theory, evolution, helicentrism and astrophysics you should only give her half credit.

Postulated that the sun was a white-hot rock millenia before it was cool

Postulated that the sun was a white-hot rock millenia before it was cool


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