Case Study: Creeper Luke

I first met creeper Luke at Passport, the summer before my first semester here at Calvin. During the tour of campus (my first ever) I happened to be decending some stairs and Creeper was at the bottom visibly checking me out. And no, he was asn’t trying to be subtle about it.

The basic rules for checking out people is this: Out of the corner of your eye, peripheral vision or if you absolutely must stare straight on at the person at least do so behind them so that they will not see you.

It was a rather disturbing experience but I later found out that he was homeschooled, so I let it go figuring that he would eventually learn how to behave correctly in social situations.

It has been several years later and this has not happened. As always happens at Calvin, you can never honestly think that you are ever done with a person. With a little over 4,000 students you would think that the chances of continually running into the same person over and over again would be somewhat small, but this is nowhere close to the truth. As a general rule, you should count on your least favorite people from either of the orientations living in the same dorm, being in all the same classes as you and frequenting your place of employment.

When I became a deskie, Creeper Luke lived in that dorm. I played a sport and Creeper Luke played it too right alongside me. I live in Hiemenga Hall and so does Creeper Luke, etc, etc. As with most former homeschooled males, he has problems with personal hygiene and wahing his clothes.

I thought I had broken free of him this year but no such luck, I saw him the other day in the hallway, staring at my hips for a good few minutes until I finally turned the corner.


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