Ongoing Investigation: The Stargate nerds in the Classics deptartment

Last interim I noticed a dearth of Stargate nerds in my class, but i shrugged it off as mere coincidence. But now my History of Greece and Rome class is full of them, and I mean full. One girl in the hall went so far as to describe the class as Geeks and Stargate. My question is, why? Sure, Stargate and the Classics are both nerdy but on totally different levels. I am the epitome of a Classics nerd and I am not a Stargate nerd (even though I was named after a character from a popular 80s a sci-fi show).

WTF are these nerds doing in the same department as me?

WTF are these nerds doing in the same department as me?


3 responses to “Ongoing Investigation: The Stargate nerds in the Classics deptartment

  1. LOL – you know, I’ve no idea which 80’s sci fi show you’re talking about! Mom and I were just talking the other day about Battlestar Galactica though (which we DID love, lol, and you can watch the whole series on MyYearbook – this is the original series, not the slicked up version out now) – be lucky you weren’t named something like Casseopia…although Athena would have been cool, lol! Mmmmmm, the original “Starbuck”..

  2. The Stargate saga is built upon the influence of aliens on Earth’s ancient civilizations. Aliens called the Goa’uld impersonated gods in several ancient religions, including those from Greek and Roman mythologies. There are even aliens called Asgard who took on the identities of the Norse gods.

    So, most likely your Stargate Geeks are taking your class to find out more about these gods. If you’d like to gear some of your lectures around the myths, I don’t see any harm in your investigating Stargate just like they are investigating the Roman and Greek myths.

    The Stargate franchise is over 12 years old. There is a lot to discover. Here’s a wiki that is being built around the franchise’s mythology that you might find interesting:

    I’m an active contributor to the wiki, so if you have any questions, please send me an e-mail.

    Additionally, one of the executive producers keeps a daily blog where you may pose questions in the comments. Visit Joseph Mallozzi, executive producer and co-showrunner for Stargate Atlantis, at

    I think it’s wonderful that your class if full of those who really want to be there to learn more.

  3. kaydonthedinosaur

    Dude, I would have loved a Greek name.

    And Debi, thanks for the information. After talking to a few fans of the show it sounds very interesting and I will probably check it out!

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