Oh, the mandatory meetings you will go to!

Everyone’s favorite dinosaur is making the difficult transition from off-campus living to the on-campus apartments. This means Calvin instituted rules, an RA, Barnabi (who perhaps won’t pester b/c there are less of them than there are in the dorms), overeager people and forced community.

I’m not into forced community, I (to use an overused phrase here at Calvin) am into intentional community. Which more or less means that I will hang out with whomever I please to, which excludes people who are overeager about things such as mud bowl.

I also have to get used to mandatory meetings (as well as other things like not getting to play with melting candles and the utter lack of alcoholic cider in my apartment).

It differs little from dorm mandatory meetings, there are introductions, the Barnabus team and the RD figure will wander it at some point, sign ups for Chaos Day/ Mudbowl, a reading of the general rules and more awkward introductions. Something similar to this will happen in every first class period too. It gets boring after awhile.


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