A very hard year

This election year is wrapping up to be the hardest ever for Calvin students. To sum up, it is a conflict between shalom and koinonia (hello overused words at Calvin!) versus morals.

Now, hear me out. There is tremendous buzz among Calvin students about Obama, his health care plan is great, he is a minority, he is very against business as usual politics, etc. This makes Calvin kids (especially indie scum) feel very good. Hell, he probably even like Sufjan Stevens!

But there is a specter looming over Obama’s head, two actually; abortion and gay marriage. Obama hasn’t spent a lot of time talking about what an abomination either is (which is disquieting to many), while McCain has been pandering to the religious right so everyone knows he has. But then again, the religious right makes the average Calvin student feel uncomfortable.

To add onto this stress some of us have senior projects, dance guild to prepare for and the senior scramble! Oh the humanity!

As for me, I was really hoping to be abroad this election season to avoid the emotional breakdowns that will occur but I was predestined not to. So stay tuned for my guide on how to survive election season at Calvin!


One response to “A very hard year

  1. OBAMA CAN NOT LIKE SUF-JAN. NO. NEVER. DEAL BREAKER. if he likes suj-jan….i will move to canada. even if he loses and likes suf-ajn, i will move to canada.

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