How your Calvin roommate is/was/will be chosen

How you are paired up:

Unfortunately us mere mortals cannot tap into God’s mind and know who is predestined to do what or to be where (although we can pretend) and hence matching up students with roommates is a difficult task. But never fear! Calvin has a handy 5-7 question form that will help the college make a match worthy of the kingdom of heaven.

Now, the most important question concerns favorite types of music. No joke. mt freshman year our floor got together informally one night and tried to figure out how each of us had been paired with our roommates. A late-rising, introverted country music fan had been paired with an early bird, social butterfly country music fan, etc, etc ad infinitum. And apparently, MewithoutYou counts as worship music (worship music for the eccentric types with ADHD, I suppose), so be prepared. Nothing else truly matters, especially for dorm situations.

Also, if you do not have a Dutch name and are not from the Grand Rapids area or from one of the many CRC strongholds around the United States you will be paired with a dutchy. Just a word of warning.

This is where everybodys favourite dinosaur lived

This is where everybody's favourite dinosaur lived

What not to put on your housing form:

If you are an occasional smoker who partakes once or twice a semester off-campus, you are branded as a smoker no different from the kid who lives in the smoker’s pit. Honesty isn’t always the best policy kids, if you smoke in rare situations it helps to not be completely honest in your dealings with the housing people if you want a room.

Also, you may be tempted to think that you can live with people who are at various stages of spiritual development, but you are dead wrong. You see, by putting down that it doesn’t matter how strong the Christians are that you live with the college will automatically assume that you are an atheist in need of some converting. Horror stories abound of otherwise decent Christian gals and lads who indicated their lack of preference for Strong Christian roommates that got stuck with mega-uber holy rollers and were pushed to the edge of sanity. The most horrific example is Jesus’ freshman year roommate. If you value your sanity at all, put down at least a mild interest in having roommates who have a strong walk with the Lord.


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