Cabela’s and hunting video games

The munch man and I took a short trip down to Dundee, Mi. today for business. On the way home we stopped at Cabela’s. It’s basically an outdoor enthusiast’s wet dream, a store for everything hunting related in a building the size of a megachurch. I just got some beef jerky (I am a omnivore) and looked at the awesome display of stuffed animals.

The guy in front of me in the check out line was buying hunting video games. Is setting up a blind in the middle of nowhere in the cold and waiting hours not boring enough for you? Additionally, if you want a video game where you get to shoot stuff you could always play Grand Theft Auto, it’s way better in that department than a hunting video game.

And the beef jerky I bought almost had Jeff Foxworthy on the package…and then I realized that I am not a redneck and went with some Jack Links.

I almost wish that I had bought some of this

I almost wish that I had bought some of this


One response to “Cabela’s and hunting video games

  1. Hehe – when I worked at American Software I got Troy a bunch of the Cabelas Hunting video games…come to think of it, I think there was a redneck hunting game as well! Yes, yes there was – Redneck Deer Hunter!

    While off googling that game I came across this…a must see…
    I think it was taken in my town…he was probably leaving the drive through of the bar across the street from me! I have to laugh at the tractors (also can’t drive their cars because of DUI’s but they’re allowed to traipse around town drinking and driving a large farm implement…) waiting for the 6:30 AM opening time…

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