New Christian Buzzword?

I have recently considered going back to some sort of youth/singles group at a large evangelical church just so I can get re-caught up with all the current lingo, as I’ve grown kinda rusty.

But this caught my eye as I was looking to apply to an off-campus program. What exactly is this “Post-Christian” and what does it mean? I think I have an idea.

As a CD I encountered a book entitled Who’s Afraid of Post Modernism? by James K.A. Smith which lead to the predictable slight decrease in the fear of Post Modernism among the more progressive set of Christians who enjoy their philosophy. Post Modernism used to be something of a boogey man in Christian circles, even the ones who don’t know what the hell it is know how to resist it.

As one boogey man falls another must arise in it’s place. Besides, “post- Christian” sounds a hell of a lot scarier. But the ironic thing is that there is no such thing in the U.K. as the seperation of church and state like in the U.S. I like to think that the UK just seems more secular because there are fewer crazies, maybe having something to do with a smaller population. Who knows? But I, your intrepid explorer, do hereby promise that if I go on this trip I shall report back in full (if I remember, as it is scheduled for the spring semester).

Who indeed?

Who indeed?


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