All About His House Christian Fellowship

What it is: Found on many secular campuses throughout the state, His House was founded in 1969. It started on the campus of Michigan State and spread to Eastern, Central, Ferris, Grand Valley, Michigan Tech, Northern Michigan, the University of Michigan, and Western Michigan University. Nobody can say whether or not the organization has always been as cult-like as it presently is, but the founder eye’s look a little drugged up, if that counts for anything.

How it’s organized: Each campus is a little different, at CMU they have their own church, at Eastern they meet in classrooms, at Ferris they rent two houses (male and females are separate because all good Christians know that if males and females co-habitate they will breed like bunnies) on the same street as all the frat and sorority houses where the leaders will live and conduct services, etc. But all operate under a pastor with a few leaders underneath.

Who joins: Former youth group kids who aren’t willing to invest much time into making friends with different people, especially if they don’t know many people at the beginning of the year. This especially applies to those who feel the need to circle the wagons every time they learn that a gay/atheist/Hindu/Wiccan person may be living down the hall from them. Others may join too, but through extensive experience I feel that I can nail down the typical hardcore His Houser.

What you can expect to do: Firstly, you can forget having much of a social life, as you will be expected to have your life revolve around his house (especially if you didn’t have any friends outside of His House to begin with). This leaves little room for making new friends or keeping up with old ones, as the only purpose for extending the hand of friendship to non-His Housers, the few hours you are not fellowshipping with the group, is to invite them to His House. You will probably have a Wednesday or Thursday service and a Sunday service, in addition to all-girl or all-guy club activities, worship band practice, bible studies, book studies, movie nights and general hang-out times. This means that you can forget about going to a regular church service, who needs those when you are fellowshipping with and encouraging your own peer group? This will also not leave you any time to join any other campus group, club or sport, but who needs to associate with those heathens anyhow (unless you are saving their souls/inviting them to His House)?

Most of the His Housers, for how isolationist they are, should have just gone to Pensacola Christian College, where they rarely let you off campus or interact with outsiders anyway.

4 out of 4 experts agree: His House is a cult. Even other campus ministries at the aforementioned universities consider them a cult. When another group, identical in beliefs with you, sympathetic to your goals and with the same goals labels you a cult, something is seriously wrong.


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