Tag Surfer is fun

Tag surfer is a fun thing. It takes the tags I put on my blogs and shows me other blog entries with the same tag. The tag for Calvin College gave me a particular blog that I thought rather interesting and so I checked it out further. The second post I looked at told me that I need not look any further, because it was that ridiculous. It is a passage from a book written by that particular kind of chauvinistic Christian chap, the kind that will admit that he holds women to be inferior but in a way which somehow gives womenfolk more dignity and responsibility (which mt fine-tuned honing skills told me was b.s.).

I shall only comment on a few things which I thought peculiar. In the second paragraph an analogy is made between women and fire. But the funny thing was, he was not really talking about fire, but a stove or one of those gas-burning fireplaces that look like real fire. The fire he spoke of was tame, easily malleable, and always benefitted humanity.
Fire is a gift from Prometheus, but like all gifts it exacts a heavy toll from humanity. Fire can warm and fire can be useful. But fire’s only constant is change, it is volatile, it is insane, it jumps and moves irregularly, fire eats up everything in its path, it destroys lives, civilizations and cultures. Now, the boy who makes me food fully agrees with this fellow comparing women to fires, but not for the reasons he gave, but because of what fire really is. Now, would he really want to compare women with fire if his goal was making women feel better for being regulated to tame and domestic roles?

Then he advocates that women ought to be cooped up in the home but because she is a “universalist” must teach her children all manner of things. Now then, a very simple question, how can she do this if she is cooped up? Children ask all manner of sophisticated questions, which demand a thorough knowledge of how the world works and specialized things.

As the boy who makes me food’s brother would say: “DUMB!”

Also, being immersed fully in Christian circles just about everywhere I go, I often hear men going on on and about what women ought to be. Women do this to men but there is a big difference, women are often told that “you can’t expect too much from them, they are just men” while men receive a less stronger rebuke. And if they are ministers, they never receive any refutation of the standard they hold. Double Standard much?

Now, this in no way is meant as a slur against a fellow blogger, do not misunderstand me, but only against the author of this tripe, men who believe such stupid things, and women who cannot discern through this.


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