Things overheard: Tatooed Creatures

I normally don’t eavesdrop on people, except for under certain circumstances. I’m never going to see many complete strangers I see on a daily basis around my town again, and I never look at the people (I’ll close my eyes or pretend to read and never look at their face). Weird justifications for my behavior? Probably, but you can hear fantastic conversations this way (especially at Calvin).

So here’s a tibit I overheard while at a Grosse Pointe park, poolside with a friend. I had my eyes closed and two stay at home moms were on our left chatting about what they bought their kids for their dorm rooms. Apparently, God is a garage sale enthusiast according to one of the women.

But after the second one walked away the first exclaimed to her son, “Where did all these tattooed creatures come from?!” She had exclaimed this in response to a man who had walked in who had a sleeve. I made sure to flaunt my own tat as I walked by too.

Kaydonthedinosaur= a tattooed creature.


One response to “Things overheard: Tatooed Creatures

  1. Mike aka'the one thate makes food'

    I would say you are an amazing tattooed creature.
    Well worth millions of batches of cinnamon rolls and believe me I would know. 🙂

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