When to screen “The Life of Brian”

One of the perks of being a CD (hell, if you don’t even know what you are supposed to be doing it’s at least good to have some perks) is that your personal taste is never criticized by those in your dorm. Yes, you may think that “Must Love Dogs” is a classic for the ages and even if nobody else agrees they will at least never oppose your suggestion of showing it some Friday night in the basement for all those in your dorm with nothing better to do (read: 60% of all Calvin students living in the dorms have nothing better to do Friday night).

But it is even sweeter to do if the movie you are showing is somehow controversial or not seen as good entertainment for the Christian. This means that you get to show off your awesome discerning power by making “Sweeney Todd” out to be an allegory of Christ’s life. Not only that, but it makes us Christians seem cool and hip to the outside world (again, think of Hillary Faye in the film “Saved!”) because we embrace pop culture while at the same time not offending any body’s parents or pastor by sanitizing the film.

Take Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian” for instance. Thirty years ago the film was banned by many and-

Er, this is just in, a Mayor of a Welsh town is moving to unban it! That little Welsh Tart! This will surely ruin some gutsy CD’s Lenten showing of “The Life of Brian”, because without the controversy it’s just another brilliant satire of what we all at Calvin hold dear. Damn!


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