Things This Dinosaur wants to do Before Death (which may be soon)

I apologize, but there will probably not be any future posts until mid July. The reason for this is that I am going to MN…waaaaaay out in the MN boonies where there is no such thing as reliable internet and where this spoiled suburban dinosaur will be pretending she is camping in order to keep sane. Although, if you begged and pleaded with the E2 RA she just may post on her random adventures in the world of random-ass ministries and Christian radio.

But I am not entirely convinced that I won’t die on this trip…and I have so much left to do!

Things I still have left to do/be:

  1. I want to be Odysseus when I grow up. This has not happened thus far. Will someone, by tomorrow, propose going to war across the sea for ten years and then offend the gods so that I may wander around for awhile before I come home to slaughter the MRS degree seekers who will be seeking the-boy-who-makes-me-food (he is an engineer, you know)?
  2. I am not Richard Dawkins either. I can still get away with saying factual statements about the nature of reality without half the civilized world jumping down my throat. Not cool.
  3. I am not living in Rachel, Nevada nor have I ever. I cannot die without having lived at least six months in Rachel, Nevada.
  4. I have not yet opened my very own Tim Horton’s franchise in my basement.
  5. I want to have PZ Myers call me a name, any name will do. He recently called Ken Ham a “Wackaloon”, which you have to admit is pretty cool. I want a name too, but I do not want to have to become an idiot in order to get one (or a creationist, but I repeat myself).
  6. I have not yet managed to get a punch in edgewise in my epic (going on four years!) battle with Ancient Greek. I don’t want nor do I need victory in this matter, but just once I would like the satisfaction of knowing what the hell I’m doing when I’m translating.
  7. I need to get the ‘ex-leper’ scene from “The Life of Brian” on my i-pod.
  8. So much hummous…not enough time! Same goes for Ice Capps from Tim Horton’s.
  9. I want to be cremated with some custom Converse All Stars that have yet to be purchased.
  10. I still only have one tattoo on my body…


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