Toledo, and how it sucks

For the past few days I have been visiting my grandma in Toledo, OH (which has to be the old people capital of the world, next to Florida. It seems that everyone has a grandparent that lives there). My grandma’s favorite store is Elder Beerman’s, which is the greatest old people store ever. Whenever we go I am always the youngest customer in the store by 40+ years.

Anyways, there are a lot of ways in which I could point out how lame Toledo is, but I shall instead leave you with some pics from E.B.’s.

Pardon me for momentarily going into AOL speak, but I feel that it most applies here: “Omg, WTF?” Who the hell thought that this was a good way to advertise? It’s srsly the creepiest thing ever.Srsly, what the hell were they thinking?


2 responses to “Toledo, and how it sucks

  1. Wow. Just wow. Who in the world thought pumpkin and avocado colored torsos were a good idea to begin with? And then to cover them in plastic food? The merchandiser in me in having convulsions right this moment. You win. THAT is creepy…

  2. kaydonthedinosaur

    Some old person who probably can’t see too good.

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