Tupac is in Neon Horse! (part one)

It has recently come to my attention that Tupac Shakur is really alive somewhere. It has also come to my attention that Neon Horse is one of the greatest bands of all time (and quite addiction-worthy). How are these two related? Well, that’s easy enough if you use your brain.

I beg to differ with my fellow theorists that Tupac has been reincarnated as another rapper. Why would he go back to the same industry if he wanted to lay low? Anyone who believes that is just stupid. What could possibly be a better place to lay low in than Tooth and Nail records, who have lately been sucking hardcore ( with a few obvious exceptions)?

To start, let’s analyze a few lines from the lyrics of the first song on the record, “Cuckoo!” (which incidentally runs 2:25, and it’s just a coincidence that Tupac died at 25, right?)

“And you’re HOT HOT On my trail and you know that it’s NOT NOT Not my fault but you know that you GOTTA GOTTA Pin the Tail… ” Now, obviously, this means that everyone is hot on Tupac’s trail, since most of the world is aware that he faked his own death. And it’s not his fault that Diddy was the object of a hoax that stated that he killed Tupac. Tupac never meant for anyone to be credited with his “murder”.

In the rest of “Cuckoo!” there is a constant refrain of “all else failed!” Tupac just wanted to change the world, but the cops and everyone were always hating on him. So he had to go underground to get everyone off his back and to truly be able to change the system.

Here’s yet another telling lyric from “I know—I just don’t care”

'Cause I'm here to bleed.
Been down in the dungeons.
Been high on the plains.

So obvious there is no need for words—Tupac is coming clean about his adventures since being “murdered.”

More revelations to follow as I discover them…

[ but here’s a video to hold you all over until the next installment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTd_M_0mbVQ]


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