How To Have Your Very Own Worship Song Performed

I was going to hold off on this one until I had written a how-to about how to write your very own worship song, But anyone with even a minimal and passing knowledge of modern Christian music knows how easy that is (but maybe I still will one day when I feel like stating the obvious).

So below is how to have your very own worship song performed live.

The Instruments:

  • Have a lot of guitars onstage, because the kids really dig them. Three is a really good number. But always have more acoustic guitars onstage, and never more than one electric one. Why? Because more electric guitars says, “we’re a rock band” and as Darlene Zschech and Sonic Flood know, it’s all about Jesus and not the money, fame or headlining tours. To ensure that your electric guitarist is under no rock-star aspirations make sure he gets really into the act of worship- while keeping him well off to the side. NEVER allow him to sing.
  • Have one of your acoustic guitarists to sing, it lends a folksy, sitting-around-the-campfire-with-the-youthgroup feel. Also, if the guitarist happens to be male, it will help meet your male-female worship leaders quota.
  • The bassist might be a sandal wearing hippie, make him stay in the back.
  • Pianos are an absolute essential. They lend a traditional feel to the worship which is balanced by the drumset.
  • Keyboards are totally in this year. Have one in addition to the piano.

The Singers (aka. Worship leaders):

  • Have more than three but less than seven, five is typically a good number.
  • Unless its an all-male ensemble have more female singers than males. Three-two is a really good ratio.
  • These female singer should be somewhat cute, but not beautiful. When in doubt, choose the plain looking ones dressed in neutral colors (one may dress in a pink skirt but that’s the limit). Their outfits should be on the boring and frumpy side too. You wouldn’t want them to distract the male worshippers.

But MOST importantly…

…Make sure that none of your band members are very talented. Extreme talent would distract the worshippers from worshipping. They would be listening to the beautiful and pleasing sounds instead of belting out your tune. Also, not having talent up on stage will make the worshippers feel more comfortable about their own talent.


2 responses to “How To Have Your Very Own Worship Song Performed

  1. Your discussion in regards to the electric guitarist leaves me with the mind-searing image of Scott Pedersen’s dad (whose name I’ve managed to keep in the forgotten recesses of my mind even if your post brought back the visual…) up on the FCF stage…balding, beer belly (from who knows what, since beer was forbidden)…but hey, I think he MIGHT have known 2 or 3 chords to use over. And over. Hehe, but David DeRosso got to play the drums occasionally…just look at what the worship team prepared HIM for!

  2. kaydonthedinosaur

    Ha! Classic “worship drummer meets pimp” story!

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