Calvin College Demographics: How Married Students are the Most Disadvantaged Group Ever

Fact: It is hard to find single, attractive and marriage-worthy Christian people after college. If this were not so, why would most of the population of Calvin College try so very hard to get married during college or the weeks immediantly following graduation? Everyone jokes about the “senior scramble” but underneath each jokester’s eyes, especially if they are Juniors or Seniors, lies a look of desperation.

In the olden days (the 1970s and ’80s), it was expected that Calvin grads would walk across the stage to recieve their diploma and into the loving arms of a spouse…Hell, a lot of people think that that’s the soul reason we have a chapel on campus! And presently the unofficial motto is “Ring by Spring or your money back!” And who knows if you’ll ever find another Christian to marry once you enter the evil and fallen professional world? Additionally, how is one ever supposed to have sex if one never gets married?

So then why is life so hard for these married students, who are just doing what is best for them (and not to mention society and Calvin, since they will be having lovely Christian children who will graduate from Grand Rapids Christian before entering Calvin and voting Republican for the rest of their lives)? And let’s not forget that Jesus wants us all to marry, Paul be damned on this point!

To back up this point, I humbly present this letter to the Chimes the week of Feb. 22, 2008.

Dear Editor,

I found the article regarding housing options for Calvin students well written and informative; however, it failed me on one major point.

It neglected to mention any options for married undergrad students here at Calvin.

I know that an increasing number of Calvin students are getting married early in college, yet we are ignored when it comes to cheaper housing options.

It is impossible for us to live on campus, and even harder for us to find a decently priced house or apartment near campus.

For two college students who receive no financial assistance from their parents and who are unable to work full-time at well paying jobs, a $600 apartment or house is hard to afford.

Married students here at Calvin are often overlooked. We are forgotten when school isn’t canceled because most students live on campus or in close proximity.

We are ignored with regard to housing opportunities and many other issues.

As married couples supporting ourselves, we deserve equal opportunities, as any other Calvin students.

Jessica Wilcoxson, ’10

This is nothing less than discrimination! This poor sophomore! Somebody needs to do something about this crisis. It must be known that even at heathenistic State schools there is housing for married students, couples there do not have to pawn off their engagement rings to make the security deposit or to buy gas for their one to two mile car trek to school!


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